Jayne's Perfect Room

Pine Haven Cottage
Jayne's favorite room in the house! All gussied up and clean for the Summer.
Jayne loves it because:
1. Beadboard!!!
2. Paint by numbers
3. Holds the right amount of pillows on a Jenny Lind daybed.
4. Enamel top tables…. Sigh… she loves everyone that she see's.
5. Vintage pillows and pennants from places she has been.
6. A little desk nook.
7. A red chair she saved from Craigslist for $20. 5 cans of spray paint and wallah! A kitten inked that used to be a pillowcase her Mom made.
8. Smileys from her Mom. She loved them. And 2 of her colorings/ watercolor framed. Be happy!
9. A little girl and her very first fish. And the perfect firefly jar in case you need one. Fireflies love pickles..lol
10. Nicks old scout patches.
11. Rocks in a lamp from the Pacific coast. A little dog looking at himself in the picture.
All these things cost very little money but they mean the world to Jayne.
You can add so much charm with little things.
Everyone should have a perfect room.
To read and nap and think about things... Oh, and watch the clouds!
She is inspired by so many things and she hopes you can find the perfect treasure at Pine Haven Cottage to make your perfect space!!
Tap the link below for mopre information about Pine Haven Cottage. Summer is here!! Yayyyyy