Flowed Lands

9 mile round trip day hike

Distance: 9 mi. round trip

Elevation Gain: 960 ft.

This makes a nice day hike with lunch at Flowed Lands. Starting at the Upper Works parking lot follow the Calamity Brook Trail to Flowed Lands. At Calamity Brook visit the Monument to David Henderson. At Flowed Lands Colden looms up to the North and if you follow the shore south to the area of the old dam there is a wonderful panorama of the MacIntyre Range and Colden. If you cross the outlet of Flowed Lands, follow the trail north to Livingston Pond about a quarter mile. There is a leanto here. If you go south on the trail over the outlet about half a mile down stream you will see Hanging Spear Falls, one of the highest in the Adirondacks