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Even before my retirement, my happy place has always been sitting at my sewing machine, creating art with fabric. As a little girl, I watched my Grandma sew her own clothes and it amazed me that she rarely used a pattern. One of her three jobs during the depression was as a seamstress. She would stop at her customers' house (on the way home from her other two jobs) to measure and discuss the garment. My mom spoke of her staying up half the night to sew.

My mom enjoyed sewing, too. She made a huge American flag for parades and curtains for behind the altar at Cedar Cliff Methodist Church. She taught me how to sew at an early age and we would design the clothes that I made by taking pieces of two or three different patterns to make the garment. My very first sewing machine came as my eighth-grade graduation present.

During the lean years, I would sew many items rather than purchase clothes for the family. My children would watch me sew and I taught them just as my mother taught me. One of my favorite memories was making Care Bear Christmas ornaments with the kids. They learned how to sew, clip, turn, stuff, and hand stitch all the while having fun and they were both so proud to point out the ornaments that they made to visitors.

I'm now enjoying the time I spend with my granddaughter, passing the craft along to her. I enjoyed my career as a registered nurse for 26 years, and now that I’m retired, I’ve decided to turn my life-long hobby into Fabric, Scissors & Thread.

I have a diverse product line but I am willing to discuss ideas for custom orders that you may have.

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